On Friday a judge ordered a fifteen-year-old girl named Bresha Meadows who is accused of having killed her father as he slept, to be sent to a proper treatment facility, this move is one that her family had been waiting for. Judge Pamela Rintala form Trumbull County Juvenile court stated that Bresha Meadows would be evaluated at this facility, what she did not specify however was for how long. This move however is not part of a bond, at this moment Bresha Meadows is still in custody. The aggravated murder trial was set by Judge Pamela Rintala for May 22.

The combative case that young Bresha Meadows has found herself caught in is one that has gained attention internationally over allegations that Jonathan, Bresha Meadows father having abused her mother for many years. At the time of the shooting, Bresha Meadows was only fourteen.

Ian Friedman, Bresha Meadows’ attorney, sought her release from the youth detention facility she was at in Warren. He stated that Bresha Meadows had killed her father Jonathan in self-defense.


The Case of Bresha Meadows

At Friday’s hearing, Brandi, Bresha Meadows’ mother said that this incident had allowed her to escape from the box that Jonathan her husband had built for her for more than twenty years. She said it is her hope that at the facility, her daughter will receive treatment.

The move to a treatment facility is something that Bresha Meadows’ family views as crucial for this child who is currently in a very frail emotional state. This facility in Northeast Ohio is said by Ian Friedman to be a private on where Bresha Meadows’ family will be able to visit her; however under no circumstances will she be allowed to leave. If the evaluation is completed, she may be able to go back to the juvenile detention center in Warren.

Since the shooting, Bresha Meadows has been in a juvenile detention center in Warren. According to interviews and the police, as Bresha Meadows’ father, Jonathan Meadows was asleep in his living room on July 28, Bresha Meadows took his gun, a .45 caliber and fired at him striking him in the head. Brandi Meadows stated that throughout her marriage, she had been treated fifteen to twenty times for abuse.

Bresha Meadows was taking advanced classes at Warren G. Harding High School, this year she would have been a freshman. A few of her family members, including her sister Brianna and her older brother Jonathan attended the hearing wearing blue “I’m Standing with Bresha” shirts.